Who’s Behind Traveling Cents? Part 1: The Debt

Hi, welcome to Traveling Cents. I’m Jeannie, your friendly neighborhood blogger.

I’m a wealth focused, Disney loving travel addict & foodie.

In order to explain why I started this website, let me take you back to spring of 2013. I was about to be done with school finally after 6 years of post-secondary education and start my professional career. I was also about to be slapped by a $46422 student loan repayment notice.

I didn’t think much of my student loan until I had to start paying it back. Ridiculous, I know, but it’s true. I lived pretty comfortably during my university/college years. Eating out, shopping, living in a reasonably nice apartment.  After all, it’s interest free money that I didn’t have to pay back, yet. So it’s basically Free Money, right? Of course I couldn’t have been more WRONG.

This, my friends, is how I got into Personal Finance. As the reality set in, I started researching. First it was books, then PF blogs, I devoured everything I can get my hand on. I knew I wanted to be done with debt ASAP. That July, I took a job across the country with a signing bonus and moved. As soon as I passed probation, I started working 6 days a week at 50hr+. I tracked my expenses and had spreadsheets on my debt repayment progress with hopes to be debt free by the next Christmas. With some lucky breaks, come March of 2014, I was done. Starting at $46422 in Apr 2013, to $33000 when I started my job in July to $0 in March 2014. Within 9 months of starting my professional career, I’ve put student loans behind me!

I was ecstatic. I was a convert to the great wisdom of PF-sphere! Except now that my big goal was accomplished, and I was losing motivation. Plus, good investing is boring. And so my focus shifted to other areas of my life.

Part 2 coming soon…