2018: Monthly Challenge Year

I don’t do well with New Year’s Resolutions. For the most part, I lose motivation about 3-6 months into the new year. The defeat over the failures almost always overshadow the sense of accomplishment over the few goals I do reach.

Thanks to Claire over at Want Less who wrote about doing a series of 30-day challenges for each month of the year instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I’m going to follow suit in doing monthly challenges in 2018.

Monthly challenges are a better fit for me than New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a shorter commitment, and I can carry on with it if I like the habit. Ditch it with no shame if I don’t.

I’ve been losing reins over my spending bit by bit the last 3 years. Even though I still managed a 40%+ saving rate in 2017, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve spent more than a lot of PF blogger families (I’m single).

This year I’m going to track every penny, to have a better idea of which spending categories to trim. I know I’ve overspent in eating out, entertainment and travel in 2017. But I’m interested in seeing if I uncover any surprise overspending.

January Challenge

I’m going to try the Zero Day Challenge in January.

I’m a competitive person. This trait served me well in my school days, and has driven me to ace my classes. So I’m sure it will serve me well in competing against myself too.

Basically, you track your spending in this challenge. Any day that you don’t spend anything, you get a “ZERO”.  At the end of the month, you count the number of Zero Days you’ve had.

For January, I’ll aim for just over half the month at 16 Zero Days.

I’m still debating if I should include recurrent monthly expenses such as rent, charity sponsorship, cellphone/netflix/internet bills, if so, to put them on the same day? on the actual different days I’m charged?

I also debated adding personal or blogging challenges too, but I think it’s best to start small. Better follow through this way. I’ll save the other challenges for future months.

Right now I have these other ideas for a monthly challenge:

  • Shopping ban
  • 3 blog posts a week
  • 3 runs a week (in the summer)

Do you have any other ideas for a monthly challenge? I’d love to hear it!